Day 1

Last night I got back to my hotel room in New York. After a perfectly lovely evening out where I only had one glass of wine over the course of the whole evening, I got back to my room and found over half a bottle of wine I hadn’t finished. I COULDN”T leave it there of course so I drank the rest of it while I packed and got ready for bed. I stayed up too late and then woke up feeling pretty yucky with that all too familiar pain in my kidneys. Ugh. Now I’ve got to get on a plane and get home.

I read on the plane so I didn’t get a nap. I feel like hell due to the lack of sleep and too much wine. My kidney hurts. I think today is the day to stop drinking.

After lunch, I take a 3 hour nap. I am wiped out. Though I did not party hard in New York, I did drink more than I needed every day I was there and did not sleep well. I think my body needs a break from all the empty calories, the mild to medium hangovers and the kidney stress. I’m definitely gonna take a break.


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