Day 8 – Going Public

I made it a whole week and today I am going public with my decision on Facebook. Why there? Well it is the easiest way I know of to get instant feedback, support, affirmation and love from people who know me. This is what I wrote:

I’ve officially made it through one full week of not drinking alcohol and start Day 8 today. Whether this is a simple (belated) Lenten exercise or a lifetime choice I am not sure yet. What I do know is that is a choice my body has pushed me to make and I am doing my best to honor what it is telling me.

For me drinking is now (mostly) a simple pleasure but in the last few months I have noticed that I’ve used it as a crutch to deal with stress and a tool for dealing with those few empty hours when I simply can’t work any more. And in some cases, that “one more” casual drink with a friend has been one I had to be more social than I really felt like at the time.

None of these is my desire and have all caused me to drink “one more” too often.

So for today I am not drinking. I share it here because it is a challenging choice and one I truly appreciate getting support on.

Thank you for helping me to honor my body and myself.

The response was really quite amazing. Several people sent me private messages. These and may others were posted on my Facebook page:

“I am proud of you, Felicia! Prayers for strength, peace, comfort, and God’s blessings on you!”

“Proud of you too. Think the same thing myself more than I can count.”

“You have my support.”

I am touched, humbled and proud. Thank you to everyone who is helping me make it through this journey!


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