Day 10

I wake up again feeling great. I work out harder than I have in about a month. I take time to write as well as to contemplate what is really important to me today. All day long I notice that I am more upbeat and energetic than I have been in a while. I sing to the radio in the car, dance to music while waiting in line at a store, and have fun in general throughout the day.

I sense that drinking more heavily for the last few months has been as much about not wanting to see my own future and success as it has been to deal with the stress of working so hard. That’s hard for me to admit because I am so driven and want to accomplish so much. But I think I sometimes feel afraid of the possibilities of what I can do, be and accomplish in my life. By drinking or getting caught up in other addictions like working too much, I cloud my vision of the future. I’m not sure what to do about that right now but as the rune I drew last night suggested, maybe now is not the time to do anything about it. It’s the time to take no action and wait to see what the right action will be.


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