Day 14 – Rituals Matter

One of my biggest hesitations about giving up drinking has been not being able to enjoy some of my favorite and regular rituals. It’s fun to be a part of something that is traditional or celebratory like sharing a bottle of wine at dinner or toasting to a job well done. 

My husband has a ritual of filling martini glasses to the rim and then taking the first sip without lifting the glass off the counter. It’s something he learned from dear friends in the Netherlands and I think it makes him feel like he is with them when he does it.

Today I bought raspberries at Costco – but almost didn’t – because I knew David would see them and make his awesome raspberry martinis, one of my favorite drinks. I really like raspberries all by themselves or in my yogurt though so I decided I would enjoy them that way and he could have his cocktail. But when I saw him get out the martini glass and start to mix his drink, I HAD to have one. So I asked him if he would make one for me…without the vodka. He did and I got to be a part of our ritual while still staying the course of my challenge.

It wasn’t the same of course, but it helped me get through one more day. Tomorrow I’m gonna get some alcohol-free beer and may try a few new ones from this list of 11 Alcohol Free Beers I just found online. I like the Beck’s version but will have to look for the Bitburger as well. 

For now, enjoy the beautiful mock-tini I had tonight!


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