Day 19 – Because I’m Happy

I just read somewhere – who knows where – that no one could be a writer if they did not make the time to read. I think this is true because whenever I read something I really enjoy, I can hear my own words and phrases starting to form, inspired by the content or rhythm of what others have done.

Thus one of my “addictions” in life is reading. More often than not I have at least two to three new books going at once, as well as some in place that I am reviewing because they were so good the first time. Honestly, I don’t think I could give up reading for a week let alone a month or longer. And why would I want to? It is something that is entertaining and continually broadening my mind and perspective on life.

One of my current books in review is mentioned in the foreword – The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Its current home is on my recumbent bike where I can kill two birds with one stone and get two kinds of “enlightenment” (mental and body weight) accomplished together.

Today I read this: “Being healthy doesn’t guarantee happiness. Lots of healthy people are very unhappy. Many of them squander their health or take it granted. In fact, some people might even be better off with some physical limitation that would prevent them from making destructive choices.” I take this to heart as I think about my choice to stop drinking and think about many of my “healthy” friends who have not yet decided to stop drinking or engaging in some other very destructive behavior(s) because their good health makes them feel invincible in some way.


However, people have to make their own decisions in their own time. I know this about myself and never appreciate anybody trying to make me do something for I’m ready. Think back to when I quit smoking over 20 years ago. Prior to actually quitting, when people would badger me about giving up smoking, it would make me want to put an entire pack in my mouth and light it. Or to stick burning cigarettes up my nose and in my ears. Frankly it did not help the situation at all and made me even more determined to smoke every last cigarette I wanted.

So rather than the turning this exercise into a get healthy/stop drinking crusade for others, I am reminded that this is about me. And I feel fortunate that my own health limitations are what are helping me to reduce a potentially dangerous behavior in my life. I also feel happy in general and that I have taken control of this area of my life in a meaningful and productive way:-)

Check out Gretchen’s blog at


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