Day 27 – Adopting a Higher Standard

The last time I was in Miami I discovered – thanks to one of my CE students – The Standard Hotel and Spa on Belle Island in South Beach, Miami. It is one of the places I daydream about when I am feeling stressed or tired.  It is also one of my happy places and I got to go there today! 

My favorite thing there is the Hammam (pictured below) where you can meditate, do yoga or just nap on the heated marble stairs or alcoves. They also have a sauna and steam room as well as personal soaking tubs and a few different showers inside. I rotated through all of them but spent most of my time in one of the little alcoves. Then I moved to a little rooftop patio where I relished the cool ocean breeze and a few moments of sunlight on my skin.

Somethng else I love about The Standard is that they have a lot of interesting places to relax (hammocks, swinging chairs, covered rattan longers) on their property. It’s a great place to get away, reflect and relax and will be a part of every future trip to Miami if I have anything to say about it. One thing I have learned for sure is that life is short and you must make time for yourself whenever and wherever you can. I am so grateful that my job is one that puts me in situations where I get to travel and experience some of the coolest things life has to offer.

My trip to The Standard today was on another level. I took a Breathwork Class that was awesome – perhaps even life altering – and one I will not forget. It’s too much to share here (the blog is definitely an abridged version of what I am writing and experiencing in this process) but will be in the book that is coming together about this journey.  Let it suffice to say that I know new doors are opening as a result of the changes I’m making. 


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