Day 34 – But Who’s Counting?

Day 34 – Believe it or not, I have stopped keeping track of the number of days it’s been since I had a drink. Not that I haven’t continued to be aware of unique things to think about and consider as I encounter new situations and people.  Life has just been busy. And perhaps since I got through my Miami challenge so well, coming back to my normal life wasn’t that big of a deal. I had to look at a calendar to figure out what day I was on.

In fact, once I hit the magical 28 day mark – the stereotypical length of a stay in rehab I believe – I stopped paying attention to the actual number of days it’s been, which is pretty cool I have to say. And I have thought way less about wanting a drink since I got home from Miami and passed the four week mark which is even cooler.

A couple of other positive things to share…

1) I got this in an email from a good friend the other day…

I appreciate that you shared your thoughts on alcohol so openly on Facebook. It made me think of my own habits and although I haven’t cut out alcohol entirely, I’ve certainly cut my intake dramatically. Thanks to you.”

My response – and something about which I could elaborate on further and may later on…

“Thanks for your kind words about not drinking, et al. It has been a challenge – and one that is not understood by many of my friends. I supposed if I had cancer and was doing it as a way to improve my treatment it would be easier for many to understand – or if I had a real ‘problem’ with it then people would get it. The most common comment is about just having ‘one glass’ of something. If moderation were working for me, then I wouldn’t have quit in the first place:-)

2) Also when I was teaching at a conference this weekend, I casually mentioned to the class that I had recently given up drinking and so there would be plenty of chocolate floating around for me and them. Later, one of my students pulled me aside and asked me why I quit drinking. I told her that I wanted to make a change for myself and my body, etc., as I have explained here. She said she didn’t think she was an alcoholic but had no problem drinking a half (or full) bottle every evening. I told her I was writing a blog about the experience and would send a link for it to her. She thanked me then and again before the conference ended. I know that she enjoyed my class but think the real connection we made was because of my current journey.

Despite some of the less than supportive comments I’ve had from other folks and friends, both of these interactions made me feel once again that this “adventure,” as well as sharing my story and experience of it, is worthwhile in multiple ways and is helping others. If taking action in these ways makes a positive impact on just one other person’s life, then it is worth doing and telling the world about it. Thanks to these two for reaching out and sharing how my words have made an impact on them.

Please feel free to share my story and blog with others that you think might be helped by it – and thank you in advance for your comments of support or your own story on the blog or by private message.

xoxo fb


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