Day 61 – Mother’s Day

Day 61 – It’s Mother’s Day. As per usual, I am numb to the holiday and would almost ignore it if it were not for a) potential gift certificate sales at both my businesses and b) my sweet mother-in-law. 

Though it’s hard to explain to all those folks who have super-hero type moms, I have never been able to celebrate this holiday in earnest, at least not since I was about twelve, as it’s hard to celebrate all the things you wish your mom had been but definitely wasn’t.

Yesterday, I was talking with a friend who also has a mom who is less than stellar. We lamented the fact that there are no greeting cards designed for moms like ours with sentiments like “It’s Mother’s Day – and you’re (still) my mother – so I felt obligated to get you a card” or “Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for occasionally doing mother-like things for me when I was a kid” or my current favorite “Happy Mother’s Day. I’m spending the day mothering myself since I didn’t get enough of that from you growing up.” 

As I’m sitting here writing, I hear a familiar clinking of Dave’s wedding ring on glass and sense he is adding some Bailey’s or other liqueur to his coffee. I try not to feel aggravated but I am. It gets even worse when he sits down next to me and I confirm via the aroma that he’s added some of that delicious stuff to his morning beverage. The only saving grace is that I don’t drink coffee so I don’t feel as left out as I otherwise might. 

I decide to placate my frustration by making Bananas Foster French Toast with pecans and a delicious, made-from-scratch bourbon/brown sugar/butter sauce. It hits the spot and Day 61 continues.


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