December 29th – “Old Habits Die Hard…”

eggnogWell I decided a week ago on the 22nd that I was going to take a short holiday break from “the wagon” and have spiked egg nog with my team at our Holiday Egg Nog Social. This event was an old tradition from my first spa and I wanted to revive it again this year. In part this was because one of my clients gifted me with a bottle of his famously potent homemade nog. However, I decided to selfishly keep that for myself and made my own spiked egg nog for the party.

It was no big deal really. I had a very small glass of my traditional egg nog (laced with Jim Beam bourbon instead of the rum that so many people use) at the party and another one at home. I enjoyed the warm, relaxed feeling I got from it and all the fond holiday memories that came back with each sip. It definitely eased some of the holiday tension that had been building up. And it was DELICIOUS!

The next night, Dave and I went to a dinner with two older friends and clients to celebrate our birthdays. A really nice Pinot Noir was ordered for the table, so I decided to have a thimble-sized serving and cautiously enjoyed every drop. Then we went to the annual “Christmas Eve Eve” party hosted by our friend, Jed, at a local bar where I had absolutely nothing to drink and was totally fine with it.


My in-laws, Sam & Beth, at our wedding in 2006

The actual holiday came and went with a bit more of the same. I had a total of about 2 glasses of wine on Christmas Eve and Day. Then we went to the mountains to spend the weekend with David’s parent’s on the 27th and 28th. Due to the pending stress of the weekend – and my father-in-laws past statement of enjoying drinking with me – I decided to just continue the trend by having wine with dinner the night we got there and spiked egg nog throughout the day the next day.

I enjoyed almost all of it – the flavors, the feelings, the warmth and relaxation. However, as each day passed, I felt more and more pain building up in my body, especially in my hip and knee joints. Seemingly, I’ve developed a very strong sensitivity to alcohol – that or the sugar in some of the desserts I ate over the week.

Regardless of how much I enjoyed this little respite during the holidays, these aches and pains are a true call back to reality – the reality that I have moved pretty firmly into the world of being a former drinker.

Sigh…and Happy Holidays.


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