Monkey See, Monkey Do

I just read a blog by Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post – What parents teach kids
about drinking
. In the 13 or so months since I gave up alcohol as a habit, I’ve noticed a direct effect – at times – on the amount/frequency and type(s) of alcohol my husband consumes. It’s definitely less and less often of everything – and definitely a lot less wine!

monkeySimilarly, a number of other people have told me that I’ve inspired them to begin a similar journey to mine. A few others have begun to look at the people around them with clearer vision and finally see that their once harmless vice may have gotten out of control. It’s clear to me that that my action of giving up drinking – or in the past, in doing lots of imbibing – have had an impact beyond just me, but also the people around me. In some instances, I’m sure it’s been a case of monkey see, monkey do.

I still don’t know if this is a temporary path I’m on, or if it is truly a permanent lifestyle change. But I do know I am so much more conscious of just how closely people watch what I do – and that some people are forever changed, both good and bad, by following in my footsteps.

Whether you’re a parent, business owner, or just a caring citizen of the planet, I challenge you to be mindful of what you’re teaching those around you. Through your attitude, words and deeds, you are helping shape the minds of others. Be they your children, your staff members, or simply your friends and peers, you may be surprised what people are learning from you and the impact your unintended lessons are having on their lives.


Loving Yourself

At the end of my first week of my first non-drinking experiment, there was a fantastic article in the Greensboro paper about a local radio producer and personality, Whitney Thore, who has captured international attention with her video series, especially the one below. I’ve shared it on Facebook previously but must do so here again because she struck a nerve for me – and left me feeling inspired. 

Essentially Whitney is showing the world how much she loves and accepts herself – and is encouraging others to do the same. I must applaud her – and share the video here so that you may be encouraged by her. 

One of the biggest things this challenge is teaching me is to love myself and my body more than I love being part of the crowd, more than what others think about me, more than an evening filled with the momentary pleasure of drinking. I hope Whitney’s video and this blog inspire you to love yourself more than whatever challenges you are up against because you deserve it!

You can also click here to visit Whitney’s blog No Body Shame Campaign.