Resources & Links

This is by no means a complete list. Please feel free to share others with me so that I can add them. Thank you!

Self Tests and Other Assessments

Cocktail Content Calculator

Tools for Evaluating Your Drinking

Alcohol Abuse Self Test


Addictions and Recovery

Addictions and Recovery Self Test

Drug Treatment Guide

Rehab Facilities and Treatment Centers

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall Mental Health Screening

The Recovery Village

Other Blogs & Articles of Interest

The Sober Journalist

7 Things I Learned From a Year Without Alcohol

Quit Smoking with Natural Alternatives

Online Forums, Discussion Boards and Online Forums

Recovery & Support Organizations

Addiction Center

Addiction Resource

Alcoholics Anonymous


Moderation Management

Harm Reduction for Alcohol (HAMS)

Smart Recovery

Rational Recovery

Sober Recovery

Secular Organizations for Sobriety


Women for Sobriety

Substance Abuse and Metal Heal Services Administration

Drug Rehab

Quit Smoking Community


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