Day 179 – Beyond AA

I found this column from Annie’s Mailbox – “Beyond AA” back in April but never shared it. As someone who does not consider themselves an alcoholic, the idea of finding a sponsor and going to AA does not appeal to me. So it was nice to see a number of other options out there as listed in the article. I look forward to checking them out and perhaps writing about my experiences. (I’ve added them to the Resources & Articles page for your convienience.)

Despite this fact, over the last few weeks, really since early August, I have been reading a couple of daily affirmation books I got years ago from Al-Anon. They’ve been helpful yet again both in dealing with my emotions about my own drinking (or non-drinking)┬ájourney as well as that of others I am close to, including my husband.

Six days ago when I told him what the PA said – that he thought I was an alcoholic – my husband of course admitted concern about his own drinking as he is and always has been a much heavier drinker than I. And as he put it, I have always been the more thoughtful and concerned drinker between the two of us, paying attention to how much we both consume on most occasions.

I haven’t called the rehab center – I just haven’t felt the need. But tomorrow I may go to AA just to see if I belong there – or if he does. And yes, I know, I can’t really control anyone’s drinking but my own so I may piggy-back a visit to Al-Anon as well. Even with that, I must take one day at a time.

For now, I’m off to pour myself a delicious glass of choclate milk and head to bed.