January 3rd – A Drink from a Dead Guy

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself…

Yesterday, after my declaration on New Year’s Day of going back to not drinking at all, I had a drink. Just one drink, mind you, which was very impromptu, and it was at the request of a dead man.

Sounds dramatic I know. Let me explain.

drambuie2For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading books on mediums and psychics, specifically those who communicate with spirits that have passed over and who want to communicate with their living relatives and loved ones. In these books, there are various mentions made of the ways spirits try to communicate with those of us still on earth such as coming to us in our dreams, putting their favorite smell or cologne in the air, or helping to create “signs” or “coincidences.” My sudden glass of Drambuie was one of those coincidences.

Last night we went to Chapel Hill for dinner to meet up with some friends – Tina and Darren – who live out-of-town and a few others who know them. When we got to the restaurant, the whole group was just having a shot of Jack Daniels in honor of Tina’s father as it was the 14th (I think) anniversary of his death. Over the course of the evening, Tina and I talked a little about him and his death – and some of the challenges she’d faced in dealing with it. We talked a little about my parents passing also and then moved on to other topics.

Later in the evening, we stopped back at their hotel lobby bar to continue our conversation before we drove home to Greensboro. As we settled in, I had an unexpected urge to have a Drambuie – surprising because I’ve only once ever ordered it in a bar and because I’d decided I wasn’t drinking. But it felt like the thing to do. As I placed the order, Tina’s eyes got really big. She said “That is so weird! That’s one of the main things my father drank!” And for the next few minutes she sat in silence, evidently contemplating the meaning of the sign.

For me, I don’t know if her dad’s spirit really made me order that drink. I think in part, I just wanted to be part of the group – and I was freezing so I was hoping it would warm me up a bit. But I’m hopeful that – even if it was truly just a coincidence – my decision to have that one drink helped Tina remember something special about her dad that also warmed her inside and out.