Day 230 – Butter Beer is Not Better Beer!

I just realized that in a little more than four months, I will have completed my year-long experiment/observation which started on March 11, 2014. I am two third of the way through and amazed that the time has gone by so quickly, especially when it seemed like the first forty days would never end.

I haven’t written as much in the last four months as I did in the first, for a lot of reasons. Here are two:

1) The first four months were hard and seemed to bring me one challenge after another. Then I took two months off before making a firm decision two months ago to quit if that is what needed to happen for me to be healthy. Funny how making a real commitment can change your experience of a situation!

2) Life has been busier in some ways. I had to finish my last book project, The Sunflower Princess, which while short, took a considerable amount of mental energy. I also had another big creative project – a 6 hour video course – that took up most of my free writing time for a few weeks and lots going on with my own massage practice as well as the wellness center. Thus it has been easier to think about this project more now that so much unfinished business is off my plate.

I’ve also started another blog, Sunflower Wisdom, which is tied to my book and about various lessons and insights I’ve experienced in my life. It is taking the place of my old blog, Felicia’s Blog, which was unexpectedly retired back in June thank to changing their platform and me being slow to react to this information. I think the new blog is a better fit for the material anyway and I am really enjoying it.

The bottom line is that I am still not drinking,  and it is OK. Tonight I had a truly unsatisfying glass of Butter Beer (a la Harry Potter – and totally non-alcoholic. It will never be my drink of choice but you don’t know if you don’t try. I’ll keep looking for one but think the best I’m likely to come-up with is my tried and true chocolate milk – or holiday egg nog which YES is available in stores already.

I’ll be posting here a bit more often again now that I have some time and brain space available. Thank you so much for your support in my journey!


Day 71 – Blessings Abound

Day 71 – It’s funny how much difference a week can make in your perspective. Last week I was feeling very down and stressed. This week – and especially the last few days – has been amazing. In fact I don’t even know where to start.

First fact – I just passed my 10 week mark. That is pretty awesome. Although I have not completely abstained from alcohol in that time, I have for all practical purposed quit drinking and feel much better as a result. I am more energetic, focused and clear-headed. This is a plus and a minus as I seem to be having a hard time relaxing and stopping working. But I will find my balance soon I’m sure.

Second fact – I have lost weight/fat and am looking a lot more trim than since I quit smoking in 1993. I am excited about this and hope I can keep the momentum going with some good workouts over the next month while I am home. 

Third fact – When I got back from my conference, my newest book, Reflections of My Heart: A Poetic Journey of Love, Life, Heartbreak and Healing was waiting on me. Though I don’t currently plan to promote it heavily since it is so personal, it was important to me to put this in print and to add to my “family” of books.

But probably most exciting fact is the email I got Monday morning inviting me to speak in South Africa in July. This came somewhat out of the blue but can be tied directly to a couple of specific events in my life.

  1. Last summer I was involved in a somewhat difficult continuing education class in Florida. Though the planning and promises did not line up as they were supposed to, while I was there I met with a friend in Miami who helped me get set up to teach at a couple of conferences in Miami and Dallas – perhaps others later this year. This friend was the editor of a magazine called Les Nouvelles Esthetique and Spa (LNE) and I have had a great time at their events.

  2. Fast forward to a month ago when I ran a 5K to raise money for African penguins. At that race my friend Tammy mentioned that her boss had seen penguins when he was in South Africa and suggested that I look for a conference there. Later that day I did some online research, found a conference put on by the South African edition of LNE and applied. Then this week, I found out that they do in fact want to bring me there. WOW!

What this tells me is that a) something good can come from something bad if you only look for the opportunities and b) you have to pay attention to the small signs and coincidences that come up as they are there to guide you. I am thrilled about the potential opportunity and hope I will get to stay in the country for a few weeks to speak at ANOTHER conference later in the month for another organization.

I should also mention that the cover design is almost done for my third book, The Sunflower Princess, AND that I have found an illustrator. I am SO happy with this as I have been looking for ages to finish this book and can’t wait to see it in its final form. I am working on another idea for a follow up book and also see the possibility of other Sunflower Princess books and products thanks to my friend, Lora.

Like I said it has been an amazing week filled with one awesome thing after another. Though I can’t directly attribute most of them to not drinking, there is definitely an influence here and there from it and I am grateful. May the blessings continue!!